Books Published.

In a previous life Context Driven Press was used to publish a number of books that are no longer in print.

The Domain Testing Workbook.

Domain testing is the most widely taught technique in software testing. However, many of the presentations stick with examples that are too simple to provide a strong basis for applying the technique. Others focus on mathematical models or analysis of the program’s source code. The Domain Testing Workbook will help you develop deep skill with this technique whether or not you have access to source code or an abiding interest in mathematics. The Domain Testing Workbook provides a schema to organize domain testing and test design, with dozens of practical problems and sample analyses. Readers can try their hand at applying the schema and compare their analyses against over 200 pages of worked examples.


BBST Workbook.
A Collection

The workbooks support students and self-studiers who want a context-driven introduction to black box software testing. There are published workbooks for each of the three courses. The workbooks provide an edited transcript of each lecture, updated activities, detailed feedback for most activities, based on patterns in student work that we’ve seen over the 12 years since the first BBST course videos. The primary focus in these notes is the instructional effectiveness of the materials: treat the intended content and skill development as given.